Elizabeth Elkins, Photographed by Nelson Rockwood


The Enneagram is a personality system which includes nine different styles of thinking, feeling and acting.  Like other practical pursuits of self-knowledge, such as psychotherapy, astrology or yoga, the Enneagram helps deepen self-awareness, bringing more harmony to your life.  The beauty of this particular tool is that it provides you with a unique and comprehensive map of yourself through discovery of your type. 

The Enneagram


By learning and working with your type, you will gain understanding of your psychology, emotions and body responses.  In addition to personal gains, learning the Enneagram will allow you to better understand and accept the behaviors of others.  Naturally, this will lessen frustration in relationships and heighten the potential for deeper intimacy.



The Discover Your Type Session is the first step in applying the Enneagram to your life.